Goblin Shark

Slow, silent, and slender, but not necessarily small - the goblin shark can be as long as a small car - about 12.6 feet (3.85 meters). Only a few goblin sharks have ever been found. Except for one small one 3.5 feet, the rest ranged from from 10 to 12.6 feet. The largest found weight 463 pounds (210kg)

Though only less than 50  (according to one source) have been found, it seems they may be found in many of the world’s oceans. They've been found off the coast of Japan, Australia, California, the Atlantic near Portugal, South Africa...and other places. Goblin sharks thrive in the dark deep sea at depths between 885 feet (270m) and 3149 feet (960m), one as deep as 4265 feet (1,300m).

Since goblin sharks live at the bottom of the water, they tend to feed on the organisms that are also down there. That includes sting rays, mollusks, and crabs. In some areas they are also able to eat squid. They do feed quite frequently which is interesting. The goblin shark has a very large liver which is usually found in sharks that don’t eat very often. Oil is stored in it and therefore they can live off of it in between feedings.

The reproductive process of the goblin shark hasn’t been well observed. Since they live so deep in the water it is hard to know how the process is taking place. It is believed the females carry eggs inside of them that then hatch and they babies are expelled from the body. This isn’t known for sure though and researches continue in their quest to capture a pregnant goblin shark so they can find out for sure

Ugly Animals - Goblin Shark


Susannah MacDonald said...

Extraordinary looking critters aren't they? i came across them only this year! i love ugly animals too!

Anonymous said...

omg 3rd reminds me of lord of the rings :P

fly fishing tasmania said...

Hillarious for me....These animals are really very scary....These creatures can do blunders!!!

Anonymous said...

this animal is so scary it should not even be called an animal. Thank goodness I live in England and we don't have creatures like this roaming around

Anonymous said...

I don't approve of them being caught for research sake.. but they are very spunky looking animals :)

Anonymous said...

when I first read this I was expecting UNDEAD sharks from syfy movies. I love all animals.

Rabbit Images said...

It looks like it is in pain. But with a long nose, why is it called a goblin? Looks creepier than the normal shark.

Unknown said...

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