Quiz Time Now! Look at this picture and guess what it is?

a) A Worm
b) A Snake
c) Something out of a Movie

Honestly there is no special visual effects done with that picture. Well, it is a new creature that co-exist in this world named as "Ajolote".

As per wikipedia, the word Ajolote may refer to
  • Axolotl, an aquatic salamander
  • Mexican mole lizard, a pink burrowing lizard with two arms
The one we are talking about here is Mexican mole lizard. If you were looking for the other one check out the Ajolote - Axolotl.

This Ajolote is said to be found at Baja California in Mexico. There is a belief in the local people that if one sits on the ground, these Ugly Animals may burry up from the ground and enter the digestive tract through ... ahem.. you get the picture yeah? ;)

Ugly Animals -  Ajolote


Anonymous said...

I think this little guy is ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

its cute!!

Anonymous said...

it's such a strange animal
I don't know whether to be mesmerized or disgusted

Fenixjar said...

This isn't an Ajolote!!

Anonymous said...

@ Fenixjar

This is most definitely an Ajolote. If you are thinking of an Axolotl as in your picture that is a different animal.

Anonymous said...

YUM, this 'THING' is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think its cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute until i read it might go up ur bum? Lol

Anonymous said...

ajolotes and axotls both have only 2 legs and are found in the same area of mexico how confusing can it get?

Shelz said...

I like this blog for the beautiful photos and great information, but I 100% disagree with the notion that most of these animals could be ugly. The vast majority of them are beautiful, adorable, or at least very cool- and interesting-looking. Now if I had to compile a bunch of "ugly animals" pictures, I'm sure most of them would be human! XD Or at least, I'd add the disclaimer that they're "so ugly they're cute" or whatever. I know you didn't really mean any offense and that the whole thing is lighthearted, but still...I don't think "ugly" applies to any of the featured animals--or any at all! It must be so hard to find truly ugly ones...at some point I guess you just have to start posting unsual, strange, odd ones that you find a bit funny-looking! ;)

Let's see....

Ajolotes are ADORABLE. The Almiqui is as well. And Angora rabbits?! Yeeess!! They're very cool.

Anglerfish, fangtooths...okay, they're terrifying, as are many deep-sea dwellers. However, that's precisely why I find them AWESOME--and marvels of natural evolution! In their own way, all creatures are beautiful.

The Axolotl? THESE GUYS ARE PRECIOUUUUSSS. And the Pokemon Wooper and Mudkip (which I herd u leik, btw) are based upon them, even though they be blue. ;)

Rats are absolutely lovable. As are reptiles. The desert mole rat may be a little...unfortunate-looking, but to me, that makes it all the MORE lovable. I'm also an insect/bug fan, generally. Huge ones are pretty amazingly cool. :3 Like the weta, yeah!! Crazy. And moths, I LOVE moths!!

And snakes...!! They are amazing! I adore snakes. xD They're graceful, slender, elegant, beautiful!! And looking at the giant isopod...well, I never liked the parasitic ones that prey on fish, but I think I can see the cuteness in that giant kind. I can find cute in just about anything! So, anyway, I reaaaally like all the fish, even (often especially) the frightening-looking ones. :D Such as the stonefish, viperfish, monkfish, stargazer, snake fish, or sea wolf. ^_~

Fishes are my favorite type of animal after dogs, so there's pretty much no fish I don't like. And that includes sharks--such as the frilled or goblin. Such wickedly cool, fascinating creatures. Hagfish are pretty sweet, too. And the climbing fish is rather excellent; I would kiiiiiilll for a walking catfish who could live out of water for extended periods and be like a dog to me. *U*

I agree with the comments on the Frigate bird. =D

Leafy sea dragons--LOVELY!!! Cutest things. STAR-NOSED MOLES AS WELL!! Omg, too cuuuute.

And I've always really liked soft-shelled turtles. Never thought they were unattractive, but rather, some of the niftiest turtles.

Pufferfish...of course, also adorable. Everybody loves a puffer, 'specially a porcupine puffer. Everyone also loves sloths. :3 And Tasmanian devils. ^^ It seems bats, even vampire bats, are quite popular, too. =)

Warthogs...ahh, Pumbaa, I think your real-life counterparts are still cute.

As someone said, salamanders amphibians, not reptiles. And regardless of size, they are cute and cool.

I love scorpions! They're super-neat. As are scorpion spiders!

That "ugly Bat Boy" cat was intriguing...like a Sphynx lion! Took me a second to get used to his appearance, but in the end, I think he's pretty great, too.

I DO admit to finding a lot of primates kinda unattractive...always thought uakaris were neat with their bright red faces, though. They look perpetually sunburned, the poor things! xD

I've never feared spiders. Yup, I find them cute, too. Maybe Charlotte's Web helped give me the impression that they're quite beautiful and lovely. The wolf spider IS pretty adorable, honestly.

Glad to know that you're a vegetarian, though--good on ya!! :) //end longest-ever commentary about "ugly" animals x3

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