Giant Isopod

Be Honest and tell me what does this picture look like to you?

A Predator? An Alien? A re-shaped Piranha?

This Predator resembling creature is a Giant Isopod and is one of the Ugly Animals. Its scientific name is "Bathynomus giganteus" (Who cares? :)). It is a carnivorous (flesh-eating) crustacean (Being or having or resembling a hard crust or shell). This Ugly Animal passes its time cleaning the deep ocean floor, up to 6,000 feet down on the sea floor where literally is no light at all. This lives by eating the dead, decayed fishes and other marine animals.

Ugly Animals - Giant Isopod


Anonymous said...

Man! That is one freaky looking thing. Consider this animal coming with a body length of 20 meters bringing your house down and staring at you sleeping in your bed! Then try thinking if its an alien or a predator and whether you got caught up between their war.

Anonymous said...

I like this thing it looks like a space alien creature

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