Vampire Flying Frog

This froggy creature is called as the "Vampire Flying Frog". Now for those who love Vampires this one may not look ugly :D

Ugly Animal Vampire Flying Frog

Coming to the facts, this Ugly Animal (Is Frog an Animal?) has been found in the mountain jungles of the Vietnam. This species was first found during 2008 and this 5 centimeter long frog is said to be found only in the cloud forests of Southern Vietnamese. This Ugly Animal glides from tree to tree using its webbed fingers and toes.

Now you may wonder why did I list here in the Ugly Animals - valid question! The uglier part is yet to come...

Guess what?

This Vampire frog tadpoles have small black fangs. The scientists found out in 2010 that its tadpoles have the strange curved black "fangs".

However, what the scientists do not yet understand is - what is the purpose of these fangs? Nevertheless, these frogs often feed their tadpoles by laying unfertilized eggs as meals. Now that is disgusting! There is a guess that these fangs could be helpful in slicing or slitting up those eggs, may be? :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Frogs are indeed animals. A lot of people associate the word 'animal' with mammalian creatures, so it's understandable. Basically any multicellular creature (Eukaryotic life) is an animal. Frogs are of the Amphibia order. This particular species is very unusual, thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ummm... no, not any Eukaryotic life is an animal. What about Plants? Fungus? Protista? There's 5 kingdoms, 4 of them are made up of multicellular organisms, and 3 of them are NOT animalia. This blog is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Ever. I love it, and me and my fiancee think you're adorable.

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